Here at Packweigh, we custom build conveyors.

In most cases, our conveyors are built to carry full bags, after they have been auto filled.

We build conveyors to a specific length and width, depending on factory layout and bag size.

Conveyor height adjustment can be made via manual or hand crank operation.

The feet on the conveyor are usually spec’d as either feet or castors.

Customers have a choice of a variety of conveyor material, depending on what is being conveyed, and the incline needed. And speaking of inclines, we manufacture our conveyors to your factory layout, including the required inclines. If you require an angle adjustment on the incline, we can incorporate that.

Back and/or front bag guides can be added to the conveyor as required.

Our standard leg length is 400mm, but this of course can be tailor built to your requirements.

Here are some top reasons why you should automate production

  • To increase productivity and production rate
  • To reduce the cost of labor
  • To improve the safety in your factory
  • To improve product quality
  • To reduce the elapsed time between order and delivery
  • To lift the product quality
  • Achieve things that cannot be done manually
  • Avoid the high cost of not automating production

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out how you can automate production within your business today!






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