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Quality Control and Testing at Packweigh

Here at Packweigh, we carry out quality control and testing on every item of Machinery that leaves our factory. When we build any bagging equipment, we will ask for samples of your product and your bags, so that we can test your product here at our factory before it is shipped to you and installed. […]

Gross Bagger

Here at Packweigh, we have manufactured and installed a number of Gross Baggers recently. Here are some specs of a recent Gross Bagger we manufactured..  – Three position radial gate with independent adjustment on both main & dribble position for high accuracy & speed  – Rinstrum panel mount batch controller  – LCD display with LED […]

Bagging equipment delivery!

Packweigh specialises in manufacturing and supplying bagging equipment into the Australian market. Whether it is a whole line, or just a small piece of equipment as part of your existing line, the team at Packweigh is ready to help. Here, one of in-house tradesmen, Brett is packing up a conveyor and sewing pedestal, ready to […]


Here at Packweigh, we custom build conveyors. In most cases, our conveyors are built to carry full bags, after they have been auto filled. We build conveyors to a specific length and width, depending on factory layout and bag size. Conveyor height adjustment can be made via manual or hand crank operation. The feet on […]

Bag Scale

Here we have John, one of our in-house Electricians working on the wiring on a belt feed bag scale. This bag scale is made for products that do not flow consistently. Then we originally spec your machines, we ask a lot of questions. And we look closely at the products you want to run. That […]

Bagging lines made in Australia

Packweigh specialises in bagging lines made in Australia. We believe that locally made bagging equipment will last longer and perform better than equipment sourced overseas. But Packweigh does work closely with the large european supplier TMI who are a well established supplier of high speed bagging and palletising equipment. So with Packweigh, you get a […]

Packweigh team – Matt Nolan comes on board

As Packweigh expands it customer base and range of products, we are taking on new people with broader skill. The Packweigh team has expanded recently with the addition of Matt Nolan. The “Nolan” name is synonymous with Packweigh. Matt actually completed his trade as a fitter with Packweigh 10 years ago. Matt then moved onto […]

Automatic Bagging Machine

This is our latest Automatic Bagging machine, which is nearing completion. Within the next 2 weeks it will be shipped to our customer.  Some of the features of this machine are  – Twin screw Auger (our new design)  – Custom infeed (new design)  – Allen and Bradley PLC  – Bag Turner (new design)  – Conveyors […]

Bulk Bag Machine

We have recently designed and manufactured a new Bulk Bag machine. This new machine is a project developed by our Design Director, Jim Nolan. These machines are used to fill up to 1 Tonne bags. In this photo, one of our in-house Electricians John is working on the wiring and pneumatics of the latest machine. […]