Bagging Machines

View our range of fully semi-automated & fully automated bagging machines for food products, stockfeed, chemicals, powders, minerals or garden products.

Open mouth bags

The Innosac S is an automatic bagging machine for open mouth bags including poly woven, P.E & paper bags.

Open mouth bags and dusty products

The Ilersac L is an auto bagging machine for open mouth bags that will maintain gussets and very dusty products.

Open mouth carousel style

The Ilersac R is an automatic bagging machine for open mouth bags in a carousel style that will allow for product settling.

High speed open mouth bags

The Ilersac W is an auto bagging machine made for high speed products.

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal

The Ilerbag V machine is ideal for where long runs of the same bag are required.

Machines using tubular PE rolls

The Ilerbag H is an automatic bagging machine that used Tubular PE rolls.


Complete Product Range

Packweigh designs and manufactures a complete range of weighing, bagging and palletising machines

Mechanical Design

Using the latest CAD and simulation software, Packweighs design team works with you to deliver a product that fits your exact needs

Electrical Design

Packweigh’s team of in-house Electricians design and build PLCs and Controllers that you can rely on

In-house Fabrication & Assembly

Our fully equipped factory in Brisbane produces machines that last

On-site Installation & Training

When your machines are ready for installation, our team can install and train your staff

Backup & Support

Expert backup and support from Packweigh is always on hand