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Bagging equipment delivery!

Bagging equipmentPackweigh specialises in manufacturing and supplying bagging equipment into the Australian market.

Whether it is a whole line, or just a small piece of equipment as part of your existing line, the team at Packweigh is ready to help.

Here, one of in-house tradesmen, Brett is packing up a conveyor and sewing pedestal, ready to be delivered to a customer. We take a lot of care to ensure that your bagging equipment arrives in perfect condition!

When we undertake a new project, we make sure that the equipment we are offering is exactly right for your application. We ask a lot of questions.

In most cases, we will come on-site, and look at what you do, and how you want to use your new equipment. We talk about your desired line speeds,and analyse the product you want to run. Different products flow in different ways, and we are very careful to match the specs of your equipment to the characteristics of your product.

Here are some top reasons why you should invest in automatic bagging equipment

  • To increase productivity and production rate
  • To reduce the cost of labor
  • To improve the safety in your factory
  • To improve product quality
  • To reduce the elapsed time between order and delivery
  • To lift the product quality
  • Achieve things that cannot be done manually
  • Avoid the high cost of not automating production

So, what are you waiting for? Find out how you can automate production within your business today!

Rod Wilson is Packweigh’s Sales Director. If you have a question about how automation could help your business, talk to Rod. Rod is always happy to share his knowledge, so that you can make the smartest decisions for your business.


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