Our Product Categories

We supply bagging equipment to the following sectors:

 Stock Feed, Animal Supplements, Fertilizer,  Seed and Grain, Garden Products, Fast Moving Consumer Goods.


Complete Product Range

Packweigh designs and manufactures a complete range of weighing, bagging and palletising machines

Mechanical Design

Using the latest CAD and simulation software, Packweighs design team works with you to deliver a product that fits your exact needs

Electrical Design

Packweigh’s team of in-house Electricians design and build PLCs and Controllers that you can rely on

In-house Fabrication & Assembly

Our fully equipped factory in Brisbane produces machines that last

On-site Installation & Training

When your machines are ready for installation, our team can install and train your staff

Backup & Support

Expert backup and support from Packweigh is always on hand

Product Feature – Bulk Bag Fillers

We recently completed manufacturing a Bulk Bag Filler, designed for 2.1 metre high x 1000 kg bags running Grass Seed.

We have built a higher set of stairs to allow for the higher bags.

The Hopper is 800 Litres and sits on top of the Top Frame.

One interesting design feature on the top Frame is that the hooks slide across the frame, allowing the operator to hook up the bag without having to move around the frame assembly.

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