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Quality Control and Testing at Packweigh

Bagging machines

Hayden and Damon test a Control box in the Packweigh Factory

Here at Packweigh, we carry out quality control and testing on every item of Machinery that leaves our factory.

When we build any bagging equipment, we will ask for samples of your product and your bags, so that we can test your product here at our factory before it is shipped to you and installed.

That way, we know that there will be minimal delays in getting your new machinery up and running efficiently after it is installed.

Packweigh has been operating in the Australian market for over 20 years.

It offers industrial bagging, sewing and packaging solutions to manufacturers wanting better efficiency and reliability.

The first step in spec’ing out a solution is to analyse what your current factory performance is, and then setting some targets.

Once you can identify what’s possible, you can recalculate unit costs based on faster speeds, which will then determine whether an investment in new machinery is warranted.

The Packweigh team are expert at assessing your current factory layout and giving you suggestions on how new machinery can work best in your factory.

Packweigh uses 3D drafting software to design your machine. This allows you to see what the machine looks like before installation.

During the build you are welcome to drop into our Factory to view our progress. Once the machine has been manufactured, we then arrange a time for installation and commissioning at your factory. Our team work with your team on-site to install and commission your machine. At the end of the commissioning period, your team will be fully trained in the operation of the machine. However, we are in business for the long term, so we are always at the end of the phone, and are committed to solving any issues you may have moving forward.

Call Rod Wilson on (07) 3823 1033 to have a chat about your options.

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