Go Aussie made with Packweigh!.
We manufacture highly efficient bagging equipment right here in our workshop.
Do you need to weigh, fill & close your bags or palletise your product? Do you want to increase your efficiency & reduce your costs?
We can supply the right equipment to suit the products, speed & layout required . We can design to suit your plant then manufacture or import where necessary for the best option, using our standard pieces of equipment or tailor to your requirements.

With the Aussie dollar currently where it is, we are very competitively priced & if market analysts are correct, imported equipment is only going to get more expensive.

So why not buy Australian made where possible!!!
 Manual bagging line
consisting of:
  • Gravity bagging scale
  • 3 metre bagging conveyor
  • Pedestal sewing system
  • Top first bag kicker
Except for the sewing head it is all manufactured in Australia by Packweigh

No matter how basic or automated your bagging requirements, I would be pleased to have a chat
about your options

Rod Wilson

Contact us: 07 38231033  sales@packweigh.com.au