Bagging lines made in Australia

Bagging lines made in Australia

Packweigh manufactures Bagging machines in Australia

Packweigh specialises in bagging lines made in Australia.

We believe that locally made bagging equipment will last longer and perform better than equipment sourced overseas. But Packweigh does work closely with the large european supplier TMI who are a well established supplier of high speed bagging and palletising equipment.

So with Packweigh, you get a solid combination of bagging lines made in Australia with proven palletising european palletising equipment.

We employ a solid team of tradesman here in our Brisbane factory. We cover metal and electrical trades.

Our process works like this.

Firstly we analyse you needs and put together some solutions. Once we agree of the best solution with you, get to work to design your line. We find that most of our projects have some specific requirements. One size does not always fit all!

Once the designs are agreed to, we set about building your machines and getting the electricals built. Safety requirements come in at this stage too.

In many cases, we do product trials here in our factory. Once we get to the point to delivery, we set dates for on-site commissioning and training.


When Packweigh was initially formed back 25 years ago by Jim Nolan, the focus was on Industrial Sewing Machine repairs.

As the company grew, it moved into the manufacture of bagging and weighing equipment. Jim, along with his fellow Director Rod Wilson recognised the need for quality bagging equipment capable of solid speeds, and high utilisation. By manufacturing in Australia, there can be a high focus on precision and quality. In some cases, Packweigh imports equipment from overseas, where there is a clear advantage for their customer to do so.

If you want to have a chat about bagging lines made in Australia, give Rod a ring on (07) 3823 1033.

Packweigh team – Matt Nolan comes on board

Bagging machines

Matt Nolan works on a bagging machine

As Packweigh expands it customer base and range of products, we are taking on new people with broader skill. The Packweigh team has expanded recently with the addition of Matt Nolan.

The “Nolan” name is synonymous with Packweigh. Matt actually completed his trade as a fitter with Packweigh 10 years ago. Matt then moved onto work with an electrical contracting firm, and qualified as an Electrician there.

In the image attached, Matt is working on the wiring of one of our Automatica bagging machines.

Matt says “Packweigh has an amazing project range and scope for growth. I am looking forward to streamlining the production and customer service aspects of the business as part of the Packweigh team”.


Packweigh has been operating in the Australian market for over 20 years.

It offers industrial bagging, sewing and packaging solutions to manufacturers wanting better efficiency and reliability.

The first step in spec’ing out a solution is to analyse what your current factory performance is, and then setting some targets.

Once you can identify what’s possible, you can recalculate unit costs based on faster speeds, which will then determine whether an investment in new machinery is warranted.

The Packweigh team are expert at assessing your current factory layout and giving you suggestions on how new machinery can work best in your factory.

Packweigh uses 3D drafting software to design your machine. This allows you to see what the machine looks like before installation.

During the build you are welcome to drop into our Factory to view our progress. Once the machine has been manufactured, we then arrange a time for installation and commissioning at your factory. Our team work with your team on-site to install and commission your machine.

Call Rod Wilson on (07) 3823 1033 to have a chat about your options.