Bulk Bag Machine - Packweigh

Bulk Bag Machine

Bulk Bag Machine - PackweighWe have recently designed and manufactured a new Bulk Bag machine.

This new machine is a project developed by our Design Director, Jim Nolan.

These machines are used to fill up to 1 Tonne bags.

In this photo, one of our in-house Electricians John is working on the wiring and pneumatics of the latest machine. This is the 4th machine of this model we have built.

The machine operator hooks on a bag, presses start and the bag gets filled to weight. The bag spout is then released, and when the forklift lifts the bag the straps are released.
Production turnaround time for this machine is fast. The first step in analyzing whether this machine could be an option for you is to look at the potential labour savings that it will give you.
Once those savings have been quantified, we can then put a package together that will give you positive cash flow from Day1.

Who is Packweigh?

Packweigh designs and manufactures bag filling equipment in Brisbane, and operates predominantly in the Australian and New Zealand markets.  They have been operating for over 20 years, starting in the Industrial sewing machine industry, and then moving into machinery design and manufacture. Packweigh have a small team of highly trained Designers, Engineers and Electricians who work together to produce industry leading machines that are built for the long term. The first step is to have a chat to Rod Wilson, our Sales Director. Once Rod has an understanding of your requirements, he can put forward various options. In most cases, an on-site visit is necessary to properly scope out your project. And of course, you are always welcome to visit Packweigh’s factory, based in Brisbane.

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