Auger Feed Weighing

  • Barley Meal

  • Protein Powder

  • Corn Meal

  • Cotton Seed Meal

  • Detergent Powder

  • Flour

  • Icing Sugar

  • Lime

  • Limestone Dust

  • Meals

  • Milk Powder

  • Mineral Powders

  • Salt

  • Soap Powder

  • Sodium Chloride

  • Soybean Meal

  • Sugar

For products that won’t flow freely or powders, auger feed is normally the most effective way of weighing

There are several different types of auger feed bagging scales, gross weighing is where the product is weighed into the bag, Net weighing is where the product is weighed into a container or weigh bucket then released when required. For higher speed & accuracy two auger screws are commonly used. It is also possible to have multiple units supply one filling station.

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